Since Aug 16, 1998

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We have a large number of supposed allies in Congress who profess to "have our backs". They stand beside us [well, actually just behind us, out of our peripheral vision] and then step back and put a knife in our back - over and over again. They are Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, McCain, Graham and so, so many more. They fall all over themselves to appease Democrats yet they bristle at being called out over their Cloture votes and resulting "show" votes. They are the worst kind of traitors. And so-called Conservatism Index ratings orgs mostly ignore these duplicities.

I have checked out of the Republican Party and am now a scorched earth conservative. I do not care if the Republican Party acquires a majority in the Senate in 2014, or if they keep the majority in the House for that matter. I am DONE with RINOs and those that support them because they are "less evil than a Democrat."

They are ball-less second tier appeasers with no souls or consciences who care nothing about our country save their own power and control.

You cannot win a battle, much less the war when your supposed fellow soldiers are ready to shoot you in the back.

Let it burn. We’ll have to start over with men and women who have a conscience and real values.