Since Aug 16, 1998

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I have been very staunchly conservative here for many years. Even to the point of being "scorched earth" when it comes to accepting RINOs as elected officials if that means a Democrat will be kept out. If it meant getting rid of a backstabbing RINO, I was all for it.

Given the madness that is occurring here with immigration, the impotent battle against ISIS, and now with our EBOLA Protocol, it seems that the only "scorched earthing" going on around here is by this Administration. The Perfect Liberal Storm that will devastate this country.

To that end, my "scorched earth" policy toward RINOs doesn't seem logical. There is one chance - one chance - to stop this Perfect Storm, and it involves keeping Democrats from controlling the House OR the Senate. And, in that vein, I'm voting Republican no matter who it is this November.

However, it is then incumbent on the Republicans to stop Obama and his lackeys from killing us. If they don't or won't, 2016 isn't gonna matter much.