genetic homophobe
Since Jul 28, 2006

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My homophobia is genetic, not a choice. I am around many homosexuals. Why would I choose to be uncomfortable around them? I just can’t help it. So now I’m out. If I’m ever interviewed on TV (hopefully I never will be), the caption beneath my blithering mug will read, “Admitted Homophobe”. I’ve found that in life (I’m a ‘63 baby), it’s better to admit who or what you are, and then deal with it, even if it’s “wrong”, than to try to JUSTIFY some type of behavior. The amazing thing? Once I “came out”, and began living openly as a homophobe, no longer in the closet, it was...well, it IS...incredibly liberating. I no longer worry about the stigma, the labels, the stares, none of it bothers me anymore. And because it’s genetic, not a choice, I cannot be blamed or held responsible for my homophobic feelings. I think you could trace feelings of “homophobia” back through my ancestry for many generations. In fact, the feelings were maybe even STRONGER the further back you trace!