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DrudgeReport and Nealz Nuze addict, came here to feed my habit for political news (and stop poisoning my mind with some of the entertainment at Fark), particularly as the certifigate issue picked-up steam. Lurking for a while, but finally found something I had to respond to, so it was time to register...

In case anyone cares, the Georgia flag waving up top is out of date... We voted for a new version in 2003. It was a messy time, with lots of hurt feelings all around. However, it seems that the earlier (1956 "Stars And Bars") flag was perceived by some as a symbol of racial tension, so it was replaced when Georgia voters went to the polls and selected the "new" flag (which is really closer to the pre-1956 flag).

You can read more about Georgia's flag history at

Waving flag here:

8/18/09 Wow, I attempted posting my first article today NY dealers pull out of clunkers program and the replies were flying! I never imagined that FReepers would pounce so fast on a mundane article about the Federal government screwing-up (like that's really news :-) Then, as I was in the middle of a reply, I got the "thread pulled" error message: No explanation; No warning; Not even a "This thread has been locked, it will not receive new replies" message. Here one second, gone the next. So, I have no idea what went wrong. Sorry if I screwed something up. The posts don't even appear in my own history, so I'm not even sure who was there, but Thanks to all of you who were. It was fun while it lasted!

P.S. I did see the Clunker article reappear in 2319719. I still don't understand what makes the difference between being locked for duplication versus being made to disappear. Oh well, chalk it up to "The Mysteries of the Mods", I suppose.