Since Jun 20, 2004

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I’m a Ronald Reagan Republican. He was the first president that ever really made me notice politics in a positive way. I’ve been remarried since 2005 and and very happy. I’m a proud father of four kids, ages ranging from 25 years old to just shy of two years old. I’m also a proud grandpa to three grand daughters and one grand son. I’ve been working in the law enforcement/security field since the late 1970’s and love what I do. I’m a staunch conservative and continually speak at every opportunity about my fierce devotion to our Constitution. I possess an absolute abiding faith in the greatness of our nation and the exceptional freedom we enjoy thanks to the brilliance of our founders. I am eternally thankful to the men and women in our armed forces that guard our freedoms with their very lives, and risk all to defeat our enemies that seek to steal our freedom from us. God Bless America!