Since Apr 23, 2007

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I’m challenged every day in my thinking by the many brilliant minds of those who cherish the Constitution and the words of our Founding Fathers. I am run the most amazing company in the world that challenges me everyday. That company is my family. It was until I understood why Christ chose to die on a cross, that I learned what a leader was - a servant first. I am human and therefore have made bad decisions, I’ve let people and myself down, I have failed. Like every human can, regardless of my color, sex, or position in life, I have chosen to keep striving forward to make myself better. I am an American, born of American citizens on American soil in a foreign land and proudly and honorably served this great country in the military. I am not in fear of what it seems this administration will do to my country, because I have faith in Him whose name this country was founded in.