Since Jul 26, 2005

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Originally from Florida, joined the Army signal corps saw the world for 6 years and had enough, mostly of the signal corps.

Living in Maryland while my ability to make money outstrips the state government's ability to tax and spend it. It seems the government is now determined to overtake my ability so I am beginning my search for a new home, either in the south where I grew up, or out west where I matured.

I believe the policy of our country should be "America First." I tend to favor a law and order approach to crime, including illegal immigration.

I also think we should adopt a policy of armed non-intervention. That being that foreign countries can conduct business however they want within their borders. If a people should are happy under a despot, it is no problem of mine. If a people want to enjoy the fruit of liberty, then they should earn it like our country did with blood, sweat, and tears. We should even be willing to provide the arms necessary to such a cause, but not one drop of American blood. That being said if a foreign country harms or threatens us or our allies, then they should understand that we will wipe them out.

In trade we should seek the best deal for America and Americans and never do business with a country that holds it citizens in the chains of slavery.