Since Sep 7, 1999

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Conservative through and through,
I bleed red, white, and blue.
Married to my darling years of 22,
We have two kids, now we’re through.

I preach from coast to coast,
At a meeting, I talk the most.
Religion, politics, sports, all rock!
It’s true, I share them to the flock.

On the side, I have one big wish,
A slow moving stream, pole, and fish.
Give me mountains and leave me alone,
I won’t hear you, I have no phone.

If you ever meet me, on the street,
I won’t be shaved, facially neat.
I’m the bearded cowboy with the hat,
Not like a preacher, I’m not fat.

That is the profile, almost done,
So glad, only had to write one.
Don’t be fooled, thinking to deep,
I just like to preach, fish, and freep.