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I’m a white collar redneck. I’m a successful businessman but deep down just a good ole boy. I believe in God, attend Church regularly, and have strong family values. I love traditional country music like George Strait, Merle Haggard, and George Jones. I don’t do Jazz, the Theater, or classical music. I drink beer instead of wine. I used to drive a pickup, but got a heck of a deal on a cool car. And no -- it's not a Preius.. Living in Illinois and being a Trump supporter makes me a minority.

And oh by the way, I can't stand Hillary Clinton and thank God every day we dodged that bullet. I know Obama was successful in his promise to fundamentally change America, but am encouraged we are getting our country back with President Trump.

And now they call me "Limerick Guy" I like to write limericks. Below are those I've posted (newest first) on FR


The Mueller report is out

Mueller has dropped his report
And Trumps not going to Court
The Dems are in shock, they say its a crock
The results they want to distort

Obstruction is now the key word
Coming straight from Nadler the turd
He says they're not done, but its gonna be fun
When the rest of the evidence is heard

A coup in our country took place
And the music those people will face
Their takeover it failed, and they soon will be jailed
There's nowhere to find a safe place

The next shoe thats going to drop
Will be documents they put out nonstop
Those docs will reveal, their attempt to conceal
How to bring down the guy on the top

Popcorn's one of my favorite snacks
As I watch the Democrat hacks
They're trying to spin, but they'll never win
Anybody heard from our buddy Jackblack

So sit back and enjoy the show
It will no longer be status quo
Its time for the derps, to become big time perps
And CNN will be eating crow


Can't let today go by without a limerick - St Patricks Day 2019

Today I wearin the green
But I'm not very lean and mean
I sure love my beers, and I've lived lots of years
In the mirror its quite a scene

I'm Irish from head to toe
Thats something you probably don't know
I believe in the plan, and a big Donald fan
But wish it wasn't moving so slow

But today I'm putting on hold
My hopes that the derps will get rolled
I can wait for the week when they will all freak
And the real truth will finally unfold

So Slainte my forum friends
Where the work for some never ends
Thanks much for your work, thats why mostly I lurk
Sitting around everyday in depends.

I don't want to overdo it on the limericks, but that vote in the Senate on infanticide moved me to write this (Feb 2019)

Some will say that I'm a jerk
Cause I seldom write, and mostly Lurk
But the vote they took, has me really shook
Its not the way our country should work

The Democrats they --- voted no
It was mostly to put on a show
But you can't say maybe, to the life of a baby
This goes way beyond Wade vs. Roe

Once a baby is born alive
It should be allowed to survive
A doctor in Philly, thought life was silly
Now he's in a place with his leg in a gyve

Gosnell's the guy who's been put away
For what those Democrats now say is ok
It won't be long, before support is strong
Mark my words, he'll be released someday

We've come a long way since Seventy-two
And I don't think then they had a clue
That a slippery slope, would expand the scope
Its now pretty radical in my view

Now you can kill a living kid
How did we get here God forbid
All this denotes is they want more votes
How far down can this country skid

I'm not sure we can stop the slide
They now want to remove the amendment by Hyde
You might have guessed, I sound depressed
It looks like our morals have finally died


Everytime I read the Oracle, I'm so impressed with both the work that goes into it as well as recognizing the time it takes. This is Limerick Guys ode of thanks to Bagster

When the Oracle is running behind
Ole Bagster is losing his mind
But he is our hero, so complaints should be zero
All those drops really put him in a bind

Saying thanks is not quite enough
His job has to be really tough
But now I will say, tell him thanks anyway
Cause we don't know where to send any stuff

If we had to go out and hire
The talents that we all desire
He'd be the first choice, to represent this groups voice
He's the guy we all should admire

When the Oracle shows on your screens
And you learn what Q really means
It took lots of sweat, so to bags we're in debt
That he does it and keep his routines

Will this week bring us some news
And more drops to give us more clues
Bagster will write, and we'll read with delight
That our leader is tightening the screws.


On Trump declaration of Emergency, Feb 2019

Q says the time’s drawing near
And the derps are all running in fear
The plans taking shape and none will escape
That’s the news we’ve been waiting to hear

McCabe is out hawking his book
We all know that guy is a crook
You can’t plan a coup, without getting your due
To me he looks kinda shook

Trump has snookered their block
Of the wall which they always mock
I’m reading any suit, will likely get the boot
And then they’ll all be in shock

The money is in several pots
He’ll begin building in multiple spots.
They’ll all scream and yell, but they can go to hell
Our guy has them tied up in knots

Yes he does — he plays 4D Chess
So with him you’d better not mess
He’s always winning, and their heads are all spinning
He even pulled one this time on the press

The media said he’s off base
With no hope to make any case
But lets wait and see and be full of glee
When he throws it back in their face

Now we’re hoping that new guy named Barr
Will become our new super star
Time to drop the hammer, let them hem haw and stammer
This whole thing has just gone too far

I get up every morning with hope
That this day will bring out the rope
It’s time to reveal, so our country can heal
How far we’ve slid down the slope


On the upcoming State of the Union, Feb 2019

The State of the Union is nigh
Our anticipation is really quite high
But I do expect, Trump will get no respect
They don’t even give it a try

Our President will enter the room
On one side you’ll see lots of gloom
Our folks will all cheer, the Dems will all sneer
And Nancy will fly in on her broom

He’ll tout his success to this date
And he’ll say that our Union is great
The economy is booming and new policies he’s grooming
But all you’ll see is a room filled with hate

Nancy will sit up behind
With that face that’s all wrinkled and lined
She’ll only just scowl; her disposition is foul
His ideas will all be declined

Chuckie will peer o’er his glasses
As Trump reaches out to the masses
Illegals must be banned; our guys cheer and stand
But the Dems will sit on their asses

They don’t even know what he’ll say
But already they’re saying nay
It’s really quite sad; thing have gotten this bad
I hope things get better some day

I still hang my hopes on our Q
And he soon gives us a new clue
That the end’s drawing near; let it happen this year
And our Country’s united anew


On the New Democrat Held House - Jan 2019

Congress is now back in town
And they’re led by Pelosi the clown
With the Dems now in charge, their mission is large
It’s to bring the President down

The committee named Ju-diciary
Is led by a fat guy name Jerry
Nadler’s his name, impeachment his game
The next two years will be scary

Elijah will lead oversight
He doesn’t appear very bright
He says he was poor, he’s from Baltimore
His goal will be just to indict

Intelligence lead goes to Schiff
He’ll review all the stuff in a skiff
Then CNN gets a call, and he spills it all
Schiff the leaker should jump off a cliff

The biggest joke of them all
Maxine Waters getting the call
Financial stuff is the gig, and that’s really big
She’ll get to steal another big haul

A new name entered the fray
And she made some news the first day
The Palestinean clucker, who said Motherf**cker
For that comment someday she will pay

Ocasio Cortez is not
The brightest bulb in the lot
She says stupid stuff, a lot off the cuff
But as a looker she is kinda hot

So buckle up my friends for the ride
As we stand with Q by our side
He says trust the plan, soon the sh*t hits the fan
And derps will all soon will get fried


On Closing the Borders - Dec 2018

Closed borders – I think we agree
Stops the bad dudes – and that is the key
But two won’t say yes – Go ahead take a guess
It’s those idiots -- Chuck and Nancy

When Obama was king of the hill
And Chris Mathews was getting his thrill
They both smiled and said – oh yes go ahead
But the progress always stood still

Now Trump wants to build us a wall
And the voters have followed his call
All we need is a bill, passed on Capitol Hill
But the whole thing’s turned into a brawl

Chuck and Nancy don’t care about us
There’s a reason they’re making a fuss
Trump can’t succeed, it’s the Democrats creed
They’re throwing us under the bus

The government is now in shut down
It’s the fault of Schumer the clown
The house passed a bill and Nancy got ill
Will the Senate be the toast of the town

It’s time you all close the gap
And put an end to the flap
Get off of your asses, see this bill passes
We’re tired of the partisan crap
On Fox News turn to the left - December 2018

Fox is not the same place
They’ve completely abandoned their base
They used to stand out and always raised doubt
On main media’s left leaning case

Fair and balanced was once their refrain
But to watch now is often real pain
Trump’s hated so much, the dial I touch
Cause some shows have gone down the drain

Shepard Smith is worst of them all
Nonstop bashing of Trump in that drawl
It brings him delight, and he does it with spite
It’s so bad it makes him look small

Juan has always been left of the pack
But these days he’s almost a hack
He must take the view that is hardcore blue
I can’t believe he’s that far off track

The panels have lost their appeal
At one time they were a big deal
Their bias is deep, they all act like sheep
Because of their anti Trump zeal

Some will say that Brett is a hack
Up till now I still have his back
His show is real news, it isn’t his views
It’s better than MSM yack

I haven’t given up yet
I still like to watch Sean and Brett
Martha’s a jewel, and Tucker’s so cool
Judge Jeanine is always a good bet

I left out some favorites this time
Cause it’s hard to make them all rhyme
But I’m still hanging in, although patience is thin
Please Fox, stop the slide into slime.
A big thanks to bagster for publishing his Oracle on the Qanon Thread
and to ransomnote for keeping the thread going

I often hit this place
To keep myself apace
Of all that’s new and drops from Q
And for news I’ll have to brace

I read but seldom post
This thread I enjoy the most
Down with the derps, indict all the perps
And thanks to Big Jim – our host

My heart goes flippy flop
When I see there’s another drop
It takes a PHD, for me to see
If it’s for real or over the top

I scan the posts from all
To get a clue even small
For what Q means and the result it gleans
But I admit my brain is on stall

But resides here a white knight
Who gives me great insight
The Oracle he posts, deserves all our toasts
It’s the Bagster who helps me get it right

So my message to each of you
Who give me a clearer view
There’s hope for us all, when the derps take a fall
And all I can say is – Thank Q.

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