Hillarys nightmare
Since Feb 7, 2003

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Hey there!

I am a 46 year old Conservative Christain Man, who is a recovering liberal minded youth. I Became politically sensitive while serving in the Navy, from 1975 untill 1980, and was a victim of the Carter administration. I remember well the Vietnam and Nixon era, but never really understood anything about it until my 20's. I fondly recall the Reagan Years, when I and the world witnessed the rebirth of the American Ethic that was invisioned by the founding fathers. Reagan was totally responsible for the turn around in the economy of both America and Europe. The Reagan Administration not only made us proud to be Americans, it also made the world discover that America is a Nation to be respected! For the first time in 3 decades the citizens of America had new found hope for the future, and rediscovered,that God, Family, and Honor, was indeed worth fighting and dying for!

In short, Ronald Reagan demonstrated to the world, just what applied conservatism can accomplish for a person and a nation as well. In contrast, the Carter Administration succeeded in proving, how damaging applied liberalism can be to a nation, and the world at large!
I was saved by the knowleged and mercy of Jesus, and have realized that God is very conservative, and that liberalism is a heresy! The light I now have in Christ, is worth more than the false hope of any politician! I would that all would come to the saving knowlege of Christ Jesus, because until that happens, there will always be division among men. He alone is able to bring Peace and secure eternal happiness, both now and forever. And he wants to do that for anyone who believes him and receives him. It is that Simple! And so am I!