Since Jun 30, 2004

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I am a fish out of water, a bird with no wings, a football game with no football...I live in Massachusetts, or as I like to call it, massive two shits, or very appropriately, taxachusetts. I'm surrounded by clueless liberals. I firmly believe that most of them are good people, it's just that, "everyone else is a democrat so that's what I'm going to be" seems to be the trend. My father in law is a devout Catholic and a very morally upstanding person. He's pro-life, anti-gay marriage, deplores the welfare system, complains how high taxes are, but he votes democrat every time. I don't get it.

As for myself, I'm a US Navy veteren. I chased Russian submarines around for a few years when they were the bad guys. I was stationed in the conservative haven of Florida for four and a half years. Later I moved to Cocoa and worked for the Space program for three and a half years. I was completely taken aback by the simplicity of the government. Sometimes you had a hard time telling there was one. Up here, it feels like they're into every aspect of your life.

I believe strongly that what we are doing in Iraq is the right thing. I believe strongly that we should stay until the job is finished. I believe strongly that in 50 years, the world will consider this war to be the most important battle for freedom in history, bar none. I believe strongly that the left is jeopordizing the safety of our military with their rhetoric. I believe strongly that John Kerry is a traitor, and that Ted Kennedy is a cowardly murderous traitor. I believe that we should deploy our forces into Pakistan and hunt down OBL. F*#@ Pakistan. They hate us anyway. I believe strongly that all Arab men and women between the ages of 15 and 40 should be profiled and appropriately searched pryor to boarding aircraft, buses and trains. Although I do realize that all Arabs are not Terrorists, however, 99% of terrorist attacks on my countrymen have been carried out by Arabs. The law of probability is not on their side. Sorry, they'll just have to live with it.

I believe strongly that marriage is a union, established before God, between a man and a women, the primary purpose of which is procreation of the human race. I believe strongly that once that union produces children, all other aspects of life go to the back burner and the primary function of that man and women is the raising of those children instilling proper values, morals and ethics so that they may become fruitful, caring, law abiding citizens. I believe strongly that if someone chooses to be homosexual, he or she should be allowed to be, it's a free country, as long as they keep it to themselves and not try to convince my children that it's an acceptable alternative lifestyle. I don't want my tax dollars spent on teaching my daughters how to have sex with other girls or how to put a condom on their boyfriends at the age of fourteen. I'll be the one to teach them that they need to abstain from sex until the appropriate time.

I strongly believe that the harder you work, the better your life will be. There are so many opportunities in this country but they all involve hardwork or risk. I strongly believe if someone works hard or takes a risk that pays off, they should be able to keep the reward and not hand it over to the government for "redistribution of wealth". I believe strongly that if the govenment provides the income, healthcare and housing, the individual will become dependant on the government and will live life in stagnant mediocrity with no hope for the future. Capitilism, not communism, creates wealth.

I believe strongly that immigrants are a very important aspect of the United States of America. If it weren't for immigrants, there wouldn't be a United States of America. I also believe strongly that people should immigrate legally. If your a felon, your not welcome. If you don't agree with our philosophy of freedom, ba bye. And, after you get here, you need to learn the language, which would be English. This does two things, it helps you get my order right at the drive through window, and it opens up all kinds of opportunities for you that don't involve working at fast food joints. It's win/win.

I strongly believe in charity. I believe that it's the responsibility of every human being to provide aid and comfort to another human being in his or her time of need. Everyone will have a time of need at some point in their life. I also strongly believe that it should me my choice where my charity goes and that the govenment has no business sending my tax dollars to someone who doesn't want work. I don't, however, have a problem with the government taking care of someone who can't work. The government needs to do a better job figuring out which is which. I also strongly believe that the government has no business sending billions of our tax dollars in the form of economic aid to countries that hate us anyway. I don't, however, have a problem when we provide disaster assistance to anyone. It's our compassion that sets us apart and makes us the best country in the world.

I strongly believe that God graced this earth 229 years ago with the United States of America. He knew then that the world would need to be saved from evil many times over. I strongly believe that we are in one of those times. I also strongly believe that the left is nothing more than an instrument of the evil we are trying to save the world from. Advocates of immoral values and ideas, their greatest tool is the American media. Anti-American lies and deception seem to flow freely and abundantly from tv screens and newspaper pages on a daily basis. The MSM tries in vane to transform our enemies into freedom fighters, our soldiers into criminals, our corrupt politicians into visionaries, and morally corrupt institutions into freedom of speech. They blatantly ignore and trivialize the shortcomings of left wing liberal politicians, yet fabricate flaws in conservative ones. The MSM can't stand the fact that the majority of Americans don't align themselves with their shallow, immoral perception of what this country stands for. But how much longer can we resist as nation? It's a constant artillery barrage on the founding principles of this country.

I keep hoping that some day, someone will throw a switch, and everyone will see the light. Everybody will see right through the lies, deception and twists the left and the media spew. Everyone will collectively boycott CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and the likes and stop buying newspapers. However, I strongly believe that this will never happen, and I can only hope, that the American people will remain educated enough and strong enough to maintain a moral majority. If we ever loose that, we're doomed as a nation and evil wins.