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Jesus Christ: He is the Truth, the Way, and the Life. Nobody can come to God except through Him.

In Jesus It Is Yes

Whatever promise that God has made,
In Jesus it is yes,
To all that on Him their burdens have laid,
His Word will have success!
Oh, have you done what God forbade?
Or is your life a mess?
Through God's own work O no longer be afraid,
Because in Jesus each promise is yes!

O love this Savior ever more,
He will never turn His back on you --
For He has opened up heaven's door
And His blessing now calls you through!
For He bled over you when your heart was torn,
And your days were forever blue;
And because He will bear every sin so sore,
Your life can forever be new!

O give your life to the One that was slain
In order to give life to you;
You could forever cudgel your brain
And you'd never see this wonder through!
But give up to Him your sins and your every pain
And receive for them His comfort so true;
O let His grace fall on you like rain --
Weep and rejoice in His love for you!

Whatever promise that God has made,
In Jesus it is yes,
To all that on Him their burdens have laid,
His Word will have success!
Oh, have you done what God forbade?
Or is your life a mess?
Through God's own work O no longer be afraid,
Because in Jesus each promise is yes!

In Jesus,
Each promise
Is yes!

(HTRN, 2013)

Don't Try to Put the Lion of Judah in a Cage

Don't try to put the Lion of Judah in a cage --
He'll only break out of it though the nations rage!
He's almighty God, the same from age to age;
Don't try to put the Lion of Judah in a cage!

The Lion of Judah is nobody's pussycat --
For when you fall, for you He steps right up to bat!
You'll never, ever find another hero like that!
The Lion of Judah is nobody's pussycat!

Don't be afraid when powers of darkness come to roar --
The Lion of Judah chains them down forever more!
But with your spirit in His hands your praises will soar;
Don't be afraid when powers of darkness come to roar!

Do everything you can to love this Lion dear --
When you do what He wants you needn't have a fear!
So listen for His voice and keep an open ear;
Do everything you can to love this Lion dear!

No one can keep the Lion of Judah in a cage --
Not the highest king and not the lowest page!
While His Spirit holds your soul you're safe from age to age!
No one can keep the Lion of Judah in a cage;
No one can keep the Lion of Judah in a cage!

(HTRN, 2013)


Technically: Jesus Christ is the incarnated "second person" of a single God, the same God that the Israelites knew as documented in the Hebrew Scriptures. The New Testament accounts make it clear that this Jesus is not a mere man! He does things that would make absolutely no sense unless He were God, dressed in human skin. This is a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to pagans. But this is also salvation to everyone who, in a yielding love (fear can show you the urgent need, but only love can actually get you there) accepts His approaching spirit to take them over and transform them, taking their sins away and adding God's righteousness to them and giving them a permanent place in God's heaven. (This is a heaven into which they get a foot right on earth.) God is love, and this is an awesome, heroic love. So many Christians, after hearing the familiar account of God as Jesus suffering and dying heroically on the cross, then treat Him as a God of fluffy niceness. That is so misguided! He wants you to raise your heart up into His own heroic love... clasping it tightly and filling up with it... without which you can do nothing He wants. But with that love, if you embrace it (maybe as a child you believed in that kind of love but the idea got crushed by worldly people who scolded you to "know better" -- or your sights were lowered by fluffy Christians? YES that love exists!) you now see how, as David said, "By my God I can run upon a troop! By my God I can scale a wall!" And you will run down the spiritual troops of hell and you will scale mighty walls of sin and death.

OK, so what is hell then? (Technically, this is the "lake of fire" where even the hell that exists today is destroyed.) Is it a place where a Giant Celestial Torture Master gets an eternity of sadistic pleasure watching you roast? Well, I don't think so. This is my read and I think the gospel backs me up -- hell is where those who damned God (yes, humanity made the first move) go to sulk forever in the misery they brought on themselves by excluding God's love from their souls, and embracing hate as though it were love. Love has to be voluntary or it is not love, so such exclusion is permitted. Hell's occupants finally agree with what God says, but in suffering rather than joy. God is in essence saying "Hey, you! Sinner! Do you want to love me or hate me?! Choose exactly one! I've given you a second chance and it's called Jesus! But everlasting ignorance is not a choice!"

OK, so what about those who have not heard? Again this is my read (but again the stories of missionaries whose arrival was anticipated by the peoples they visited frequently seem to bear this out): if anyone would be willing to accept this salvation, God will arrange a way for him or her to hear about it. At any rate, you are certainly hearing about it now. And if you are concerned about others, you certainly have to share in the Good News yourself before you can share it with others.

I beseech you: please let your end in this eternal drama be one of joy. But I cannot bully you into heaven and will not try. Not even God will. You have to love your way in by accepting God's love. And this is sometimes not easy. If you see the urgent spot you are in and want to be saved but don't seem to perceive His beckoning call right now: knock hard on His door! Pound on it! Shout loud in prayer, spiritually speaking! Persist and refuse to give up! If you are willing, if you are looking to embrace God in love again (as humanity first did) and be forgiven and cleansed and blessed, the door WILL open to you. That is one ironclad promise.

WARNING: being blessed can be dangerous! The Lord is going to put you into military exercises as a new soldier of His. Duking it out with the devil using grace can be a difficult thing to learn. For some people the drilling process can take decades. But you won't ever be lost, once you have been saved. Learn to stand on Jesus' grace and not your old pride. You too will be a hero or heroine in God's kingdom.

John 3:16-17 -- For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten [unique, one-of-a-kind] Son, that whosoever will believe upon Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world in order to condemn the world, but that through Him the world might be saved.


Here's the Racist Kid

Remember 3/21/10

Here's where I stand on a few hot issues.

Abortion: It's evil. It should be allowed only to save life of mother. (A good mother would be willing to give up her life to save an unborn baby's if this is possible, but... well I am stopping short of advocating any legal sanction requiring that.) Roe vs. Wade was not only evil but was itself a constitutional abortion.

"Gay" rights: There should be no governmental or legal provision for special rights, same-sex partner benefits, "gay" marriage, etc. Private enterprises should have full freedom to choose their policies in this matter (to enprivilege or to shun flamers) and to reap the curse or blessing thereby. I say it was wrong to strike down anti-sodomy laws as such, but as best as I can understand from the bible, God is not instructing Christianized countries in this age to stone homosexuals to death either or inflict other punishments so terrible upon consensual adult partners (rapes and child molestation are a different story) that it would make the witness of those delivered by the Lord from this sin impossible to express boldly and openly.

(Yes, I point to a biblical witness that the Noahide commandments -- which only explicitly called for death in case of murder -- are the blueprint for good gentile government. Not some utilitarian selection of Hebraic ordinances. Otherwise we need to come up with a reason why we are not stoning sabbath breakers too.)

Gun control: To reliably hit the target at which you are aiming.

Seriously: take the technicalities out of gun laws and put the burden on the government to show in individual cases where a citizen should not be allowed to possess or carry. A robustly armed society is safer, even if there is a danger of a few nuts slipping through the cracks.

Smoking: a vile habit, but let private enterprises choose their own policies on the matter.

The WOD: put the discretion of dispensing any and all currently "forbidden" (or for that matter, unapproved therapeutically intended) drugs back in the hands of state governed physicians, like it was for years. In return, the physicians should be forced by the states to assume responsibility for harm they do in this matter, including criminal liability for malpractice.

States' rights and the cancerous commerce clause: Get the Fedguv out of all consumer matters whose practical influence is restricted to the state in which they occur.

Please take this cartoon with a grain (OK, a pound) of salt. But I think it is hilarious satire.