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Since Sep 4, 2003

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Hey, don't blame me! I campaigned for Barry Goldwater and have never voted for a Democrat in my life. Proud 5x gramma, married 44 years to a Viet Nam Veteran, love God with all my heart, and I found Free Republic just before the War to Liberate Iraq. Lurking here is addictive. I appreciate all the pings and posts. Wish I had the chat gene, guess it passed me by.

I probably wouldn't have edited this but I have found myself on the other side of so many issues--I absolutely love Israel and most of my contributions go to Jewish charities. I absolutely disagree with any person who absolves western civilized people of persecuting Jewish people for what ever reasons. My absolutes are absolute, based on the "apple of God's eye" principle: Do not do this Evil Thing. Recently, I've been disturbed by the hypercritical, judgmental attacks by FReepers over every Christian issue. Catholic, protestant, independent, pentecostal, doesn't seem to matter here in the stampede to blast what one or another diagnoses to be wrong doctrine. Seems to me, some of us may be a little unbalanced. And the diatribes and potshots do not improve the quality of the discourse. Guess I'll just pray for all of us.