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Since Mar 4, 1999

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Army Vet: 4/69 - 1/72, E-5

Volleyball and softball junky now that I'm retired...... Here's a photo of the co-habitor in my house. I think she's a rare Nappycat....


Here's another photo of Squeek the Nappycat on alert on the back deck:

Squeek enjoying the sun

Here's a photo of Squeek when I brought her home from the vet after she broke her hind leg. As you can see, she was totally immobilized, what the vet was thinking, I have no idea. That cost me $650.00 and four days later I had to take her to another vet who did surgery on the leg by inserting a rod down the entire leg and wiring it back together. That cost me another $1,200.00 but at least Squeek was able to walk around. Six weeks later the vet removed the rod, left the wire in place and Squeek was good to go. However, her right hind foot points out to the right when she walks but I don't think she even notices it.......LOL!

Squeek's broken leg photo 109_0936.jpg

And here's Larry the local liberal, waiting for me to bring him some peanuts........

Photobucket And here's another photo of that lazy Larry....... Photobucket