Since Apr 20, 2004

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Greetings ,

Have been a rare poster.. but have been reading the forum for quite awhile, and it is the 1st place I go every day to catch the news. I have learned a lot about politics, government and even history from some great discussions here.

Not too long after I finally registered here, I became involved in another group, which kept me verrryy busy. After watching the Swift Vets original press conference I was drawn to them, their cause, and joined their forum. I had the honor and privilege of working with this group as an Admin/Moderator & researcher on their forum. The 2004 election cycle was the 1st time I ever got actively involved in politics, and what a ride it was!

(My leftist daughter & son-in-law were pretty horrified at their Mom's involvement with the Swifts)



( am 'kate' over at swifts)