Since Jul 22, 2004

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I've been reading the posts on FR for awhile and only once or twice felt that I could make a worthwhile contribution, so I never did log on. I may never post, but in case I do, I at least wanted to fill this out so no one would think I was a "troll" who just dropped in.

I am just a secretary, with no notable accomplishments to let you in on, but I'm happy with my life and how I live it, and how I think it will all turn out. I've been happily married sice 1989 to a wonderful man that I not only love, but that the whole town seems to know and love - he is my example and my friend.

I am not an advocate of womens liberation, I liked it better when gentlemen opened doors for ladies. However, I think if a woman can do a mans job, she should receive fair compensation for same.

I am for curtailing legal immigration and stopping illegal aliens entirely. I have voted Republican since my first time voting for Ronald Reagan.

My screen name comes from the book "Tailchasers Song" by Richard Adams. I wanted to use "Tailchaser" but I did not want anyone getting the wrong idea. Anyway, Tailchaser is brave and fearless (though he does not know this himself at first), and seeks to find a lost friend (Hushpad)and changes an entire society along the way. I know this is a lame review of the book, but I have not read it in years, even though it's been a favorite of mine for casual reading.