Since Feb 18, 2004

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Linda Eddy


about the artist...

Iowa-born artist Linda Eddy has worked for many years in the graphic design field producing award-winning work for print, newspaper, magazine and television.

    An avid conservative, Linda's political cartoons and graphics are created for  IowaPresidentialWatch.com and seen regularly on numerous conservative websites and blogs.

 She also the webmaster and artist for the website BootMurtha.com and runs her own online conservative gear shop at LindaEddy.com

Linda's iconic, copyrighted artwork of Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer as Rosie the Riveter has garnered national attention in 2010. It is currently licensed for use by Gov. Brewer's campaign.

It has also been licensed for use by "Support Arizona, Boycott San Diego" (SABSD) Coalition. Co-organizer Dr. Stuart Hurlbert writes:

"The artist, Linda Eddy Hughes in Iowa, who developed the original Rosie (Jan) the Riveter graphics has provided essentially gratis some fantastic new graphics for signs and banners of the SABSD campaign. ... Power is greatly dependent on the right symbols as well as on the right ethics, and there is no one who has done better by the U.S. than Linda."

Linda's art has captured some of the most famous faces in politics and is among the most circulated -- and copied -- on the Internet. Her work has been requested for use nationally and internationally, including the London Sunday Telegraph Times and YahooNewsFrance.

During the 2004 Presidential Election, two Vietnam Veterans groups – Vietnam Veterans for the Truth and Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth – used Eddy's artwork, along with FOX News, Rush Limbaugh and the Iowa Republican Party.

Six of Linda's cartoons were selected for the 2004 “Democracy in America” exhibit at Arizona State University in Tempe – which ran during the presidential debate there on campus. Her works joined those of 38 other artists, including: Norman Rockwell, Roy Lichtenstein, Thomas Nast and Pulitzer Prize winner Paul Szep of the Boston Globe.


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 In 2004 Linda joined forces with RightWingStuff.com -- the Internet's largest conservative gear site -- producing trend-setting, collaborative designs. Below are some of her most popular designs:

Sarah Palin and Linda Eddy at the Iowa GOP Ronald Reagan Dinner, held Oct. 2010 in Des Moines, Iowa. Sarah Palin was keynote speaker for the event.