Since Mar 18, 1999

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I am a soldier. US Army veteran of 13 years. Prior US Marines 3 years.

"Without rules, we all might as well be hanging out in a tree slinging our crap at each other." --Red Foreman

Triumph of Corruption: --
"But 'tis the fall degrades her to a whore:
Let greatness own her and she's mean no more.
Her birth, her beauty, crowds and courts confess;
Chaste matrons praise her, and grave bishops bless:

In golden chains the willing world she draws,
And her's the Gospel is, and her's the Laws;
Mounts the tribunal, lifts her scarlet head,
And see pale virtue carted in her stead.

Lo! At the wheels of her triumphal car,
Old England's genius, rough with many a scar,
Dragg'd in the dust! His arms hung idly round,
His flag inverted trails along the ground;

Our youth, all liveried o'er with foreign gold,
Before her dance, behind her crawl the old!
See thronging millions to the Pagod run,
And offer country, parent, wife, or son!

Hear her black trumpet thro' the lands proclaim,
That not to be corrupted is the shame.
In soldier, churchman, patriot, man in power,
'Tis avarice all, ambition is no more!

See all our nobles begging to be slaves!
See all our fools aspiring to be knaves!
All, all look up with reverential awe
At crimes that 'scape or triumph o'er the law;

While truth, worth, wisdom daily they descry:
'Nothing is sacred now but villainy.'
Yet may this verse (if such a verse remain)
Shew there was one who held it in disdain."

-Alexander Pope