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Since our launch a year ago, we have pooled together some of the most respected and authoritative scholars, writers, editors, politicians, security and defense experts, media specialists, and other ‘Insiders’ to contribute material about the experiences the State of Israel is going through today, and the experiences that lie ahead for this most unique nation.

We try to be as objective as possible, not taking any sides and telling it like it is, unlike the other major English language Israel news sites such as Haaretz and Jerusalem Post.

Israel Insider has valuable, engaging, and relevant content that is currently being offered on such sites as Yahoo's MidEast news, WorldNetDaily and many others. In addition, our regional interactives such as our Security Incidents Timeline and Map, Israel's Changing Borders, and our Worldwide Terrorism Map and Profiles, are updated daily, and are a main source for many journalism professionals and researchers the world over. you can view them at Enjoy!!!