I want the USA back
Since Sep 17, 2012

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I’m glad liberals read the posts, and enjoy watching the smoke pour out of their ears.

They can tax us, they can force us to accept gay marriage, but they can’t stop us from thinking and expressing ideas.

Use of force is wrong, except in self-defense and in defending one’s family and loved-ones.

Undeniable truths of life: Inspired by Rush Limbaugh.
1. Media types create their works of art primarily to promote an agenda. Entertainment is merely the vehicle used to put you into a state of suspended disbelief so that they can slip the agenda into your mind without you knowing it.
2. The ROP is a violent, closed-minded world-domination ideology cleverly disguised as a religion.
3. Hate crime laws were created to criminalize anything a White says or does, or doesn't say or doesn't do, and to set free non-Whites who physically assault Whites.
4. When liberal laws fail, as they always do, liberals always demand a strengthening of the laws that failed, which then fail again, prompting liberals to demand a strengthening ... (repeat until doomsday),
5. Government exists to perpetuate itself. Corollary: institutions tend to lose sight of their original purpose, and to become self-perpetuating.
6. Liberals seek to take guns from honest, non-violent people while leaving them in the hands of violent criminals.
7. The Noble Savage syndrome: liberals sincerely believing that savages are really just poor, downtrodden, misunderstood people.
8. Political Correctness is just the left's way of annulling the First Amendment, without saying that is what they're doing.
9. The property tax is the left's way of confiscating private property, 3% each year.
10. Inflation: the gift that never stops giving, to the government. The ruling elite has protected itself from rising prices by giving themselves "Cost of living adjustments" in their salaries and pensions. Rising prices allow the economists to crow about how the economy is "growing", when all that is happening is that the numbers are increasing due to the decreased purchasing power of currency.
11. A crime is not judged by its severity, but by the ethnicity of the criminal. When a muzlom murders, it's not treated with the same severity as when a normal person murders.
12. The Earth's climate system is the means by which the planet self-corrects. Weather is how the planet equalizes heat and rids itself of it. The planet receives the overwhelming majority of its heat from the sun, and radiates most of it off into space. If it radiated all of it, Earth would be like the Moon. Cloud cover, water vapor, greenhouse gases assure that some heat is kept on the surface of the planet. The system adjusts for excesses, and prevents runaway excesses. I can see that. Intelligent people should be able to see it. Scientists who have gone to work for the democrat party don't want to see it. algore refuses to see it, or his little empire and royalties would crumble.
13. The New York daily news is written for illiterate morons. It always takes the wrong side in any argument.
14. Noble Savage Delusion: An abnormal state of mind, in which the sufferer really believes that savages are really just civilized people without a job. The delusion applies to animals as well, leading the patient to see chimp scribbles as a work of art.