Since Feb 25, 2003

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“That state which separates it’s warriors from it’s scholars will have it’s thinking done by cowards and fighting done by fools” ~Thucydides

"We have opposable thumbs and BBQ sauce. We win." ~ JRandomFreeper 12-29-11

"Dude, no, you misunderstand. After the first half-dozen posts, you are out of the discussion and your needs are no longer being discussed. It becomes all about the other posters and what they like and what their experiences have been. Soon it will deteriorate into a pissing contest about who has done the most hunting and has the biggest hardest gun. Then there will be insults, then some posters will sanctimoniously offer to pray for each other, then there will be accusations that the other guys are not real conservatives, probably liberal trolls, because they don’t like the same thing. Some lady or limp-wristed man will post that they don’t see why it’s necessary to kill the pretty animals because they have feelings too, and there will be a 100-post tangent on that. It’s great fun if it goes the right way." ~ottbmare 12-17-11

"Once upon a time America was the foremost power for good on Planet Earth. I lived during those times." ~LibLieSlayer 5-25-12

"The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted." ~ D.H. Lawrence