Since Nov 23, 2002

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Will celebrate my 69th birthday the 19th of June, 2008. Have been a Republican all my life. Registered to vote for my first election back in 1960. Have served as precinct committeeman two different times for a total of 10 years. Running for another term in 2008. Update: I will be serving another 2 years since being elected again in May.

Married for 50 years with 6 children, 15 grandchildren and 9 greats. The 9th greatgrandchild arrived in January. The wife and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversay one June 1, 2008. It was quite an event that my children and grandchildren had for us. The celebration was more elaborate than our real wedding in June, 1958. The celebration took place in the same building (our old church) on the same day (a Sunday), at the same time. We almost had the same Preacher, who did our original wedding, but he had an auto accident and broke his arm. All my grandchildren took part in the ceremony along with some of my greatgrandchildren. I was so proud of them. Well, all of them except the ones who vandalized my car by writing all over it and putting a few thousand sparkles in the interior which took me an hour and about 10 dollars to clean out down at the carwash.

On July 27, 2008 I lost my darling daughter to cancer. She was only 45 years old. I never wanted to live long enough to lose one of my children.

Raise, train and trial beagles hounds.

Have been retired now for 12 years after 34 years with the same company.

Presently I do gardening, woodworking, enjoy cooking, fishing and hunting.

Gun owner with CC license. Member of NRA and local gun club, where I shoot often.

Work hard everyday doing the work I refuse to hire illegals to do.