Since Aug 23, 2005

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As a retired 22+ year enlisted military veteran (US Coast Guard BM & Air Force SP and Public Affairs) I have a great love of my country and all she stands for. After leaving the military in 2002 I began working full time as commercial photographer and part time as a professional speaker/presenter/MC. To help ensure our country stayed the right course during a time of war, I worked extensively on President Bush’s reelection committee and I managed and organized a friends first bid for elected office.

I barely finished High School (I was a solid D student finishing 385 out of 460…), and I only got that far because I promised my Mother I would finish before joining the active duty Coast Guard. It wasn’t until transferring to the Air Force that I became interested in furthering my education. While I have no degree, I do have 150+ semester hours of eclectic college courses take over 15 years on a wide variety of subjects ranging from Police Science to Journalism.

My passions are photography, politics, The First and Second Amendments and my growing family.

In late 2005, my wife Anna and I, are expecting our first child, Julianna Marie.