Since Sep 6, 2001

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I write a five day a week column on my own blog
I am a Marine, retired NYC PD street cop. I hold membership in The NYPD’s Honor Legion, American Mensa and the Sons of The American Revolution.
Collins Report readers can review the first 50 pages of my book, Blood For Our Future- Operation Sucker Punch. It is the product of 600 hours of research on the history, current state and threat of Islamist terror.
BFOF is a novel that explains how we can defeat Islamist terrorists. It revovles around a two pronged plan developed jointly by Israel and America.
The Israeli side is Operation Purim Party, America’s is Operation Sucker Punch.

I have been involved in politics at the grassroots level for 25 years. My biggest achievement so far has been changing the course of the Pataki Coumo race in 1994 and helping to beat Kerry with Catholics Against Kerry in 2004.
CaK beat Kerry in Youngstown which helped sway Ohio and we beat him in New Mexico which helped slow down “Cowboy Bill” Richardson.

Stop by and let me hear your reactions Dr. Collins’ Latest Novel, Blood for our Future: Operation Sucker Punch Click here to read the first 50 pages absolutely free. You’ll be hooked! Note: You need Adobe Reader to view. Col. Ollie North on Blood for our Future: Only American courage and will stand between the blood lust of the Islamist’s desire to destroy the world’s freedom and democracy…. and you will be at the side of both parties to this war feeling that you are watching history unfold before your eyes”. Order the E-book! Only $9.99