Since Nov 5, 2008

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I am a disgruntled, Reagan conservative who is ready for leading, following or participating in any form of managed resistance to this abomination that was just “elected.” The media made sure that he was elected and they will cover his a— throughout his term. I suggest that conservatives look into purchasing a TV station that will braodcast only conservative new shows and commentary and present a challenge to the rest of the media (FOX News ain’t cuttin’ it!)
I am open to ideas and action that can throw any kind of wrench into the gears of this new Democ rat machine that has just steamrolled us.
We need a national leader and I haven’t seen one in quite a while. There are some isolated reporters and shows that offer conservative information and stick to conservative values, Glenn Beck and Huckabee come first to mind; but, I have not found a station that presents a consistently conservative point of view. I would love to hear from fellow conservatives that know of programs that profess our common values. I try to avoid the "big three" as much as possible.