Since Apr 2, 2002

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Involved with the conservation and restoration of period antiquities for over 30 years. If you have a question, ask it, and I will try to solve. Not taking on new customers at this time. Other interests include fine art photgraphy and jazz. I have a trio, the style is Fusion/BeBop, if you have need for a trio in the New Hampshire/Vermont area, please email. Instrumentation is guitar/upright bass/drums. The name eLDoubleU can turn up in relation to me, it is also the trios name, I've been asked what it means, the "clever" say it is my initials, it actually stands for something better, it means -He will double you- and He is Jesus Christ! I don't think you'll find me spouting off on too many religion threads, as the Bible is quite clear on the topic of religion... in case you forgot... All Religion Is Evil. No -I hope I'm not a religious person- thank you.
All the best.