Since Dec 21, 2004

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26 Year Old Currently residing in Lindenwold, NJ

When it comes to Catholicism, I love all things traditional. I have an expert level knowledge of the 1962 liturgical books, so please ask me anything you would like to know. I also am moderately fluent in Latin, and am currently teaching myself Ancient Greek so I can read the New Testament in its original language. I've sung Gregorian Chant for 11 years and counting.

Regarding Vatican II and the Novus Ordo:
My position is as follows: I accept the Council at face value interpreted according to tradition. No other interpretations are valid anyway. The Novus Ordo Missae is, of itself, a valid Mass, but seriously lacking the proper reverence which is due to Almighty God. I will gladly devote my life to the restoration of the traditional Mass, while at the same advocate gradual changes to the Novus Ordo (reform of the reform) so as to make it mirror the Tridentine over time. I do not think it prudent to enact sudden changes to undo the changes of the 1960's. That would just be correcting a mistake by making the same mistake again in prudential judgement. In Lingua Latina: Habeo viginti et quinque annos, dum habito in Timonio Marylandensis. De Fide Catholica mea, amo omnes traditiones. Intelligentiam maximam libri liturgici de anno MCMLXII habeo, ita pro favore me rogate quaestiones vestras. Similiter, intellego linguam Latinam bene, et nunc ego linguam Graecam doceo meipsum ut ego legam Novum Testamentum in lingua originale ejus. Et cantavi cantam Gregorianam in annos novissimos undecim et pro multis annis venire. De Concilio Vaticano II et Novo Ordine Missae: Accepto Concilium interpretatum secundum solum Traditionem Ecclesiae. Interpretationes alteres veras non sunt. Novus Ordo Missae, in idipso, Missa valida est, sed non continens propriam reverentiam, quam oportet donare Deum omnipotentem. Feliciter devoto vitam meam ad restaurandam Missam Tridentinam, dum etiam ego advoco mutationes graduales in Novo Ordine Missae (reformum reformi), ut is speculet Missam Tridentiam in plenitudine temporis. Non cognosco sapientem esse removere mutationes de annis "1960's" cum mutationes rapidas nunc. Vero, malum pro malis erit et facere id non erit prudente.