Since Nov 12, 2003

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The History of Danny

An ongoing photo journey
Born May 2, 2002

Last updated 05/04/2005

Where he all began . .

Just a week old!

At 6 weeks.

You can start to see his red hair! (I LOVE this picture)

About 9 weeks old.

A picture in the world's dirtiest hat.

Yep, I'm learnin' to sit up!

Hi there! (About 5 months old)

Excuse me, but I think I have sprung a lip-leak.

As you can see, he gets his good looks from Mom.

"This would be much more fun if I could use these leg things I have!"

It's a curse being THIS good looking. . .


I sure do like this food stuff better than dumb ol' bottles!

Papa, would you mind getting off? You are slowing me down. . .

Dads, lock up your daughters. . .

"I still make less of a mess than Daddy does."

Be vewy, vewy quiet! I'm hunting wabbits!

My new favorite food.

How many Mulligans do I get again?

Keepin' it real, yo!

Turn it up!

I clean up nice, don't I?

Pee-yeeww! Is that you or me?

Mommy likes my curls more than daddy.

Sportin' my new haircut. Now leave me alone. I'm busy.

I am smarter than you. This school picture proves it.

The Sleep Train has arrived at the station.

Hangin' with daddy.

I am all things truck.

How can you say no to this?

Something tells me I'm going to regret this picture in 10 years. . .

All hail King Danny!

Hey there.

My new cowboy hat.


This is how liberals make me feel!

I'm in battle mode!

I'm all smiles today.

Just havin' fun.

I see you!

Safe bathing saves lives.

Okay, you've had your fun. Can I get a little privacy please?

School Picture 03/2005.

My THIRD birthday!

You wanna piece of me?!?!

Calvary Southwest Metro

Christian Sport Bike Association Member #703