Since Jul 19, 1998

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Conservative, Trump (only) Republican, period..... Retired from US Army as a 1SG/E8 Jumpmaster 11B5P/71L5P/76Z50. From 17 year old airborne infantryman to work for two Four Star Generals and Commander XVIII Airborne Corps SGS, I had the life you could dream about and books be written! Retired from US Department of State as Information Management Specialist. Combined Mil and State but not a double dipper. 22+ years overseas, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Israel, The Netherlands, Brussels Belgium, Georgetown Guyana S. America, Rio de Janeiro. The US Capitalist system bar none is the best economy and life in the world; those who want to destroy it for Eurolite should get a USG Paid 5 year immigration trip to EU nation of choice - if they say it’s because the love and if they come back they will certainly be a Conservative.

Pet Peeves politically are GOPe trying to overwhelm US citizens with non citizens, e.g. Rubio and McCain/others. I am literally left the GOP in NC over that vote. I only belong to the GOPt = Trump’s GOP. If he can implement his book “The America We Deserve” the GOPt will stand as guardians of the Founding Fathers democracy.