Since Sep 26, 2000

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I was born in North Carolina, and I have lived in seven states, and each time I return home...but if dead people keep voting here, then I may consider moving elsewhere to retire. My state is on the cusp, we are Red now, but have been infiltrated by Blue from the west, north, overseas, illegal aliens, and Florida.

I have seen most of the USA... I have strong sentimental ties to PA. I left there decades ago yet try to keep up with the news.


Independent Conservative! I am Female....’Kackikat’ was my cat! She was run over by a car... ‘RIP’girl!

We cannot win without leaders who take their oaths seriously.

Former Military Reservist, CEO, Criminal Justice Instructor @ CC level. I’m a writer of mystery stories. I’m getting older, but energetic and productive.

My family has had Patriotism down through the generations...so I stand with those who want to preserve our Republic.

As a Christian, I am Jewish by adoption, and in God’s’ family. I take the Bible literally. I am a firm believer that God meant what he said, because ‘a man is only as good as his word’. And his word has never failed.