Keli Kilohana
Since May 13, 2003

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I am the founder of Racially Misassigned (RM) Americans. I was born Polynesian; however, I was incorrectly classified as European-American. While my parents are indeed European-American, I like--Tonto, Tarzan, Bill Clinton, and many others, were Racially Misassigned. Also, I am the author of "I Beat Anorexia!"

For as long as I can remember, I have loved the sand, surf and sun. When other kids wanted to eat candy and cake. I wanted pork and poi. For me, being Polynesian is as normal as being right-handed or brown-haired. I did not choose being Polynesian--being Polynesian chose me! I am presently undergoing Racial Reassignment (RR).

I am the editor of the Zarr Chasm Chronical [sic] in Sore, West Virginia (between Flotsam and Belch on the Cheat River). I am the Dean of the prestigious Mary Mapes School of Journalism at Zarr Chasm Junior College. My motto is, "When news breaks--I fix it!"