Since Sep 6, 2005

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I’m 44 years old, married 25 years, 2 terrific sons ages 23 and 18. I worked at a hospital for 17 years, for a doctor for 2 and then quit, went back to school and became a massage therapist and I am deliriously happy in my ‘new life’. I went back again last year and obtained my aesthetician's license as well. For fun I read, garden (vegetables, herbs and tons of flowers), belly dance and work on belly dance costumes, collect antique china, read, make jewelry for myself, bake and cook, sew, and then read some more. I do housework occasionally but that isn't much fun so I keep waiting for the housekeeping fairies to show up. They're pretty slow and not very dependable......

Did I mention reading?

I read FR far more often than I post. To me, FR has some of the wittiest and funniest people on the 'net and I love reading posts and the back and forth of some members.