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Since Mar 3, 2007

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Born and raised in CT. Enlisted US Army in 1967 and did not go back. Served one tour VN (in the Parrots Beak area). Graduated from UNO in Neb. Law school at OKC. Lived in OK for 30 plus years prior to moving to the gulf coast.
Have six children and 7 grandchildren (8mos to 21 years). Practiced law, raised livestock, published a magazine and shoveled more horse manure than I want to remember.
Son served in Irag 2006. iBrother and 2 cousins served in VN. Brother in the Makong Delta. Father served in WWII in Belgium,France, and Gemany . Uncle served in WWII in Pacific and was island hopping. Two uncles served in the Korean conflict (navy pukes). Grandfathers served in Europe in WWI (one on each side). Two Great Uncles served in the Spanish American wars.
I'm a Missouti Synod Lutheran.