Since Mar 3, 2000

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There’s nothing remotely conservative about tribalistic bigotry masquerading as ideological purity, FReepers.

And it's sheer unadulterated kookery for anyone here to continue to entertain the pathetic delusion that you'll ever be able to get more of a miniscule fraction of a tiny minority of genuinely conservative Americans to agree with you that there is anything patriotic - or for that matter Christian - in any way about the false "principles" of irrational religious hatred for which you stand above all and to which you demand everyone else adhere in goosestepping agreement.

Go ahead and continue to promote the re-election of Barack Obama whichever way you choose, Mr. Robinson, either actively or by default. At least for the time-being it's still safe in America - even for you & all the other nasty myopic frauds here who've clearly only been using conservatism as the phony pretext to parade your petty holier-than-thou prejudices all along - to enjoy the 'liberty' to openly work towards her demise.

Just don't expect the rest of us to trust any of you preening little bigots who hate Mormons more than you love your country in the foxhole ever again.

April 2012

(and no, I'm not a Mormon)