Since Dec 23, 2003

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• Real name: Elizabeth
• Age: 23
• I have an identical twin. We’re best friends!
• My blog: A Little Flower Garden
• Her blog: In Nomine Domini
• Roman Catholic: the Orthodox kind.
• I was in a convent until recently. Yup, I was a Sister. Veil and everything. I had to leave because I got sick with ulcerative colitis. I wish I could be a Sister again,
but don't know if I'll ever be well enough. Really very sad about this right now, but trying to keep chin up. Please do pray hard for me.
• I was an International Affairs major at George Washington University. I have 3 semesters left, and hope to go back and finish some day soon.
• I attend the TLM and the Novus Ordo
• Insult Cardinal Ratzinger (I mean Papa!) and risk my wrath
• Registered Republican (the toe-the-line kind)
• Litmus Test: Abortion
• Against:The Death Penalty, Civil Unions, Euthanasia
• For: SS Reform, No Child Left Behind, Faith-Based, The War
• My favourite song of all time is Allegri's Miserere
• The most under-rated piece of music ever is Faure's Requiem (Go listen to it!)