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Trying to Fight Socialism/Marxism and Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound! I'm a 27 yr. old female living in libtard country in Maryland. I'm surrounded by lefties and elitists whom it appears that I may be smarter than when it comes to economics and finance, while never attending an ivy league college - imagine that! Lindsay Miami Originally from Connecticut - another wonderful head up your "butt" state that has no concept of the real world or middle class, everyday, working people. Went to School in Virginia (JMU)Thanks! and got a degree in International Business and concentrated in Finance. JMU Dukes I lived abroad in Spain for a semester and have traveled to various countries - more so that many others my age. Makes you realize what you take for granted in America and how many take the country for granted as a whole. The more I experienced life the more I became conservative and patriotic. Moved to Baltimore, MD after college and now attend grad school trying to get my masters in finance at Loyola. I have worked in the Defense Industry since I graduated. Also gives you a different perspective when you talk and work with those who have served in our armed forces - many of whom are republicans and real down-to-earth, hard working people. I am now working as a Financial/EVM Analyst/Scheduler. Free Republic keeps me sane and I prob. need to stop going on the site so often - I'm addicted! LOL! I hope to some day meet up w/ some fellow freepers and meet some conservatives in the same age group as me (one can hope right?? :) ) Because too many in my age group have been smokin' Hope BongMy Smoking Cat Here are some other personal photos and some shots of Ground Zero, SOL and Wall Street. Shark AttackGround Zero 2006Ellis IslandStatue of Liberty Carraige Ride NYC w/ MomWall Street Bull BallsWall StreetWall Street Flag
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