Since Sep 2, 2005

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Enabled disabled vocal woman living on 2 acres in the country, 7 miles south of Somerset, Texas in Atascosa County. Married to the love of my life and my best friend, David for 15 years. 5 children, 12 grandchildren. What can I say, my kids are like me, they breed well in captivity.

Strong supporter of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and of our military (my youngest son has already served in Iraq and is ready and due to return in July next year, 2006).

Very vocal advocate for the disabled and the Americans with Disabilities Act (discrimination of the disabled in the workplace experienced 1st hand).

Non-denominal and unapologetic Christian. Will attend no church where they say "We are right and everyone else is going to hell."

Advocate of pro-life (no bombers or wackos please) and anti-death penalty as well (and yes, my aunt was murdered in 1983, her killer executed in 1998 and she is still just as dead) but suggest life imprisonment with no possibility of probation (I have the facts and figures where it is cheaper this way). I, unlike some, do have a couple of question and and answer.

1. Do you trust the IRS? If the answer is yes, stop here. You believe in the death penalty all you want.

2. Ever notice that those who have money or dream teams (with the exception of Scott Peterson), such as O.J. and Robert Blake, not only get off, but the death penalty is never even on the table to begin with. It's not just them, but usually, unless the DA is running for office or something, suspects with decent attorneys are not subject to the death penalty because the DA doesn't want to mess with it, while those who are dependant on free attorneys are usually dead meat.

My suggestion: Go ahead and keep these murderers or candidates on a Death Row like security and area; just don't kill them. And they stay there with NO possibility EVER of release or parole. Let God do the rest. He took care of Jeffrey Dahmer, didn't he?