Loud Mime
Since Feb 18, 2005

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If Conservatives cannot unite, this nation will fail.

Work together against liberalism. You can fight over your idiosyncrasies after our nation is safe.

I firmly believe that we are arguing the Democrat's way. As long as we allow them to seize the center
of political discourse, we will lose all the young voters. Their perception is that conservatives are
right-wingers, unable to compromise. It instills a "geometric sense" to Democrats being the better
party. It has to stop.

That is why I've written this book: Argue the Constitution

This book is unique; there is no other book like it. It introduces and explains a logical method of
centering the Constitution and conservatism, which puts liberals on the FAR left wing, where they
belong. If we are to return to a logical system of arguing, it will be from the foundations laid out
in this book.

I just retired from doing photography duties for USA Basketball and it's earlier version, ABA-USA, for the last 35 years. It's been quite an experience. Getting to work with all the stars when they are young was something that I'll cherish for years. Working with the coaches, some famous, some working to be, was just as rewarding.