Since Sep 18, 2005

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1776 - 2008: We lived in the best of times, in the best Place, in all of Human History.

"The democrats are going to win again.

"Compromise is always made to the left.

"There are at least 90 million illegal aliens in the FUSA, with 60 million of them Mexicans, nearly half of Mexico's, 125 million estimated population.

"The FUSA lost the immigration battle, many decades ago, and by 2050, English will no longer be the primary language, in the vast majority of the FUSA.

"The European cultures, not only in Western Europe, but also the FUSA, will be nothing but past history.

"I am glad that I am elderly, and will not be alive, when the greatest of all nations to have ever existed, falls exactly as ancient Rome fell, to hordes of third world savages. Enjoy what time that is left." -Anonymous

"We are in dangerous times. We can chose to do the hard thing and try to regain our freedom and the integrity of our government, or we can do the easy thing and slide into the darkness and into eternal slavery of tyrants. Either way, there will be pain. I am sure that you and I would chose to do the hard thing, to fight now and not pass on to our children the fate that awaits them if we let those who want to destroy the US win. This has been coming for a long time and it won't be pretty." -Pinecone.


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