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I joined the Army in 1966. I scored well on tests and had a high GT score. I went to Infantry OCS after Infantry AIT. In 1967 after graduation from OCS I went to airborne school and then drove to Ft. Bragg, NC for the Special Forces officers course. My class graduated December 15, 1967.I went through jumpmaster course in early January 1968. Myself and five men I went through OCS with all flew to Vietnam on the same flight on June 10, 1968, I got to the 5th SF Group and volunteered for C&C Detachment (Code for MACVSOG). The personnel SGT. pointed to the list of names posted on the wall to his right. He remarked most are from C&C Det. I knew they had high casualties as running cross border ops is not without extra risk. We had no artillery as we were far from any friendly unit unless training or running local security ops. I lost a lot of men I served with. I had a company on Montagnards for 5 1/2 months, then commanded our northern launch site for cross border ops. I finally got two officers just before I left the company. Both were in on the COSVN Raid on April 24, 1969. One was shot through the chest and he continued to call in gunship support, adjust it, and then direct TAC air. He knew he was dying. The other called in Napalm and burned himself. We lost 90% of that force that day. I was shot twice three days later as asst. S3. I spoke to one 1LT’s mother about her son 8-10 years ago. He had been with me when incoming killed and wounded a number of yards. He ran through incoming, did everything I asked and did. She was glad to hear from my top NCO, too.

The ones you serve with in combat are special friends for life. Today, I can see what Clinton did to our nation’s great military by imposing COED BCT in 1986 and DADT in Oct 1993. Clinton gave the green light for fags and lesbians to join our nation’s best. What a rotten bunch these Democrat/commies. On this site most freepers are civil and know how to be tactful when they disagree. Unfortunately, one or two who joined in the last 8-10 years prove why many some born in the 60-70 timeframe have no respect for elders. They cannot refrain from starting baseless attacks as they really believe that they learned clever things from watching movies like Planet of the Apes and Rogue One. We have one freeper who posts a certain freeper’s user name in a manner to shame/trash her in his profile area. He attacks a numbers of others in a manner that is disgusting.