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A certain user did not like my detailed profile/bio as he complained it caused him "eye strain", so; I changed it. In short, I served in the army from 66-75 and after BCT, AIT, Infantry OCS, jump school, and the SFOC, I was an SF officer in Vietnam (68-69), I volunteered for "C&C Detachment" (code for SOG) in June 68, I asked for FOB 2 (Kontum) and was changed at the last minute to C-5 which became CCS. I had a company of mostly Rhade Montagnards, then ran our northern launch site, and; lastly, I was the asst. S-3 officer. After college and the advanced course (3 years in schools) I was then a "leg" unit (non airborne) infantry officer in Korea (73-74). I was assigned to this mech infantry BDE CO in Korea who ran his mouth about saving Duc Lap in late Aug 68. I told him straight to his face that the II Corps Mike Force and Nha Trang Mike Forces saved Duc Lap with our USAF 20th SOS helicopter Squadron's UH1P gunships-not he or his mech 4th ID BN. I recalled this idiot from Vietnam as he and his 4th ID mech infantry BN decided to camp behind our CCS, MACVSOG compound off Ban Me Thout East airstrip. I served in the 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 10th Groups. I left the Army in 75.

It is extremely heart breaking to see the country you loved enough to die for and almost did die from two GSW's turned into an open borders, socialist welfare hog pen. Not one elected congress critter that I recall has flat come out and openly told us that once an illegal gets his/her feet on our soil- we cannot do zip. It becomes a process of 2 years minimum even if the illegal even shows up in court. One would think our border patrol could physically stop them or force them back across. Why not shoot these invaders? I look around and it is difficult to see so many large people these days.

Our military went from AA in 1970 to COED BCT in 1986. I could go on. Obama let these Hispanics and Muslims and every 3rd world type into America? Some 47% are on welfare. Obama trashed the America we knew. These illegals refuse to assimilate. Thankfully we finally have a President who darn sure will Make America Great Again if -”we get out and vote as he needs both Houses of Congress." We cannot afford to lose anymore elections that cost us seats. img src=",s,336699&chco=d0d0d0,cc0000&chd=s:999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999&chld=WYWIWVWAVAVTUTTXTNSDSCRIPAOKOHNDKYMELAMDMAMNMINYNJNHNVNEMTMONCKSIAINILHIGAFLDECTCOCAARAZAK" width="440" height="220" >
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