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Daniel Smith Inquest Moved to End of May

April 12, 2007

The Daniel Smith inquest proceedings are expected to resume on May 22.

After a brief meeting Thursday, the inquest into the death of ANNA NICOLE SMITH’s son DANIEL will reconvene on May 22 in the Bahamas.

Currently, HOWARD K. STERN is appealing the jury selection in the inquest, asking that his attorneys be allowed to submit a special questionnaire for the screening process. They have argued that it would be impossible to secure an impartial jury due to the publicity surrounding Anna Nicole and Daniel’s deaths — rendering the entire proceeding unconstitutional.

Forty witnesses are on the list for the inquest, which is expected to include testimony from a hospital nurse who may claim that she noticed two white tablets on the bed where Daniel died — one that turned out to be methadone.

ET has obtained the full witness list for the inquest, and Anna Nicole (as Vickie Lynn Marshall) is listed; a statement will be presented in the late model’s absence. The list also confirms that Anna’s partner, Howard, has been summoned, as well as the biological father of Anna’s baby DANNIELYNN, LARRY BIRKHEAD.

“I’m just here to do what’s right, to help Daniel,” he told ET. “I’m here to give the truth.”

Also included on the complete witness list are Anna’s former friends, G. BEN THOMPSON and FORD SHELLEY, and her reported former physician, DR. SANDEEP KAPOOR. The police photographer has been called to testify, as were various employees from Doctors Hospital, which is where Daniel died. Each witness is entitled to bring their own attorney.

The 20-year-old Daniel died from a lethal combination of Lexapro, Zoloft and methadone while visiting his mom and newborn sister in the Bahamas last September.

Watch ET for the very latest on the Daniel Smith inquest.

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