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Say hello to the Chicago Kid!

Isn't he a cutie!!!

What me, worry?

I am trapped in the SW Corner of Democrat h***, and am working to change it one heart at a time. I can be found trolling the Media Bias threads, Child Endangerment Threads, and nightly on the thread, A Day in the Life of President Bush!

For right now, Check in daily for the Logan Prayer threads. They need them daily. Since Logan's now dancing for the Oscars, It's time to now focus on another special little boy, who is in need of prayers, support, and Love.

10-ounce newborn defying survival odds at Mobile

if you've got a minute, say a prayer for Malachi. He needs them.

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Logan at 2 days(roughly 28 weeks of maturity)

Logan in his most recent picture!

Logan a couple of days after his 3 month Birthday.

Logan, on Christmas Day!

Logan in one of his most recent pictures!

Logan in a recent picture, dated 16 March 2004

Now, for the posterboy for miracles, at 9 months: Logan

What a Ham!

Logan at his 1st Birthday Party. He's such a doll!

Looks like Logan's almost ready for some Texas Brisket and hoppin' John!

Check out the puppy now, with Logan on Christmas Day!

Relive the day from Free Republic on 11 September 2001.

The Cult of the Viking Kitties

This is just for Dose fans...

A day in the Life of President George "Dubya" Bush, 1 May, 2003

Here is the link for finding a Daily Dose...
A Daily Dose of Dubya

This One picture is the focus of much whining and gnashing of teeth of the ignorant, uneducated liberals of this Country, and the reason why the Cowboy-in-Chief will be in on Jan. 18, 2005!

And, for more extended reading, check this thread:
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