Since Apr 20, 2006

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Interest in Medieval English History, particularly the Wars of the Roses period. Were I to have lived during that period, I would have aligned with the Yorkist and Ricardian causes.

I believe that the Republican Party needs leadership of a strongly conservative bent, willing to craft and follow a message that:
— inspires and converts others to Conservatism;
— takes a stand for conservative beliefs in all spheres (political, economic, and moral) and presents its position clearly, frequently, and aggressively;
— supports and defends the Constitution, to include demanding judges who make rulings in concordance with the clearest, most plain meaning of the text and refuse absolutely to legislate from the bench;
— attracts, vets, selects, and support candidates who have views in line with the principles of Conservatism (and are themselves principled and conservatives), and are willing to stand or fall for their beliefs;
— assures both GOP members and the public-at-large that corruption will not be tolerated within the Party, nor will opportunities for self-aggrandizement or inter-Party appeasement;
— is unafraid to detail the errors, hypocrisy, and speciousness of the liberal left, using creative, aggressive, and media-savvy strategies in so doing.

Given that the foregoing has happened only during one Administration in my lifetime, and that only to a certain extent, I’m becoming more and more convinced the modern iteration of the Republican Party cannot or will not support these principles. If the Republican Party does not, then a third party must be identified and supported.

I am convinced that the signs of the times as discussed in the Scriptures are becoming clearly visible in our present age.