Since Jan 16, 2007

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My home is West Virginia, I like to play sports and play with my pets. I like chess and poker for fun not money I like to study bibical prophecy and write poetry.If I did not live in America I would live in Israel, I'm am a big supporter of Israel. I believe in the lord jesus christ but at times I fall from grace when pushed by someone who thinks they are better. because of there job, education or riches I never claim to be a honor student so my grammer and writing skills may suffer. that's life I'm not perfect. I would like to load up and take your best shot but pirates beware.

If you find away to my lips
I will always kiss you
But if you find away to my heart
I will always love you

Bind my lonely heart
To my lovers lips
Tell my heart about love
For it writes the scripts

My heart is a author
Of a beautiful book
For It tells about love
After you gave it the look

No words are necessary
When I looked into your eyes
I saw a love that is growing
I saw a love without disquise

A love as beautiful as a rose
A beauty which never dies
No words are necessary
When I looked into your eyes

The lord will listen
In my day of trouble
I will cry to him
And he shall deliver me
And I shall have victory

May The Lord Forever Bless The State Of Israel

All of the above is written by: Me