Max McGarrity
Since Jul 18, 1999

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Retired after forty years in advertising/marketing. Staunch libertarian (aka "classic liberal" or "fifties liberal") and still believe in many large-L Libertarian ideas, but vote Republican. Harry Browne is one of my greatest disappointments. Detest crybabies, do-gooders, bullies, and nannyists. Can't understand why people don't bow their necks and get their ears back when someone tries to take away their rights. I suppose rebellion is never far from an Irishman's heart, but I love this country and hate to see it fall to the social engineers.
Any "Smokers' Lounge Lizard" who has the opportunity to open the Lounge on Friday, here's the info for the logo, already linked to francisandbeans' "sign up for the list" page.