Since Feb 14, 2001

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Joined the AF in 1974. I was stationed in San Antonio; Rantoul, Ill; Albuquerque, NM; Nothern Germany; Alexandria, LA; Rhein Main, Germany; Victorville, CA; and Panama City, FL. I was a heavy equipment mechanic, command and control specialist, training manager, training developer, instructor, Nuclear Weapons Custodian, and First Sergeant.

I retired from active duty in 1996 and went to work as a government contractor supporting the US Air Force, US Navy, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, and Dept of Homeland Security. I've worked for Boeing/McDonnell Douglas, Visicom Labs, Advanced Systems Technology, and ARINC doing jobs ranging from computer programming, database developer, technical writer, and Instructional Designer.

I've attended 14 different colleges (due to my nomadic military career), and completed three undergrad degrees and a graduate degree. Schools I attended include:

University of Maryland
Northwestern Louisianna State
Southern Illinois University
Embry Riddle
Victor Valley Community College
Troy State
University of West Florida

My hobbies include:

RVing and Travel
Animal Rescue (currently have Seven dogs and two cats)
Collecting firearms
Target shooting

visited 46 states (92%)
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