Since Jun 1, 2000

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A compassionate conservative.

Growing up in Miami, and being exposed to so many immigrants, you realize that there are still tyrannical governments that pose a great threat to this country and our future. No democrat, since JFK, seems to realize this. My mother is from South America and my father is American of German decent. I was blessed with the best of both worlds.

Cubans have served as a vaccination to our local left leaning media that has not been able to permeate local society as they have in other areas. My experience has been that immigrants, for the most part, have benefited our country greatly and continue to do so. They love this country possibly more than some Americans.

I believe South America has been practically destroyed because of Castro and socialism, Europe is in decay because of the same ideology, and it could happen to us. I truly wish that the U.S. government would be more pro-active in taking on the battle of anti-US propaganda. The left/Hollywood attacks this country from within and our enemies spread lies and distortions around the world.

I will do my part to ensure our voices are heard, and being a part of this great forum enables us to work together.