Since Nov 16, 2001

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I am sixty something and have had an interesting life.

It is my firm belief that we are LOSING the WOT/ War against Radical Islam... whatever you want to call it because the average American is either oblivious to the real and mounting threat or simply cannot/will not believe it.

I am an American first and a conservative second. I have no use for either political party, or those who hate this great country whether they be on the left or right. Both political parties are equally ineffective and are simply arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. My generation is one that will be remembered as never growing up and incapable of leading.

Its my fervent hope that America will wake up and realize we are in a life or death struggle with folks that want to kill every last one of us. We need to support the fine men and women in the US military in every way possible and only elect those few of whaterever political stripe who support and will vote for strongest military possible.