Since Nov 27, 2005

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Some things I believe:

The only time panties on the head should be considered torture is when said panties have just been removed from Helen Thomas after a 5-mile fun run.

The Kennedys are white trash.

Peace activists are channeling Neville.

Guns are a girl's best friend.

Hockey rules.

Hating men shouldn't be a prerequisite for being a feminist.

Misogynists are silly.

Where Islam goes, destruction and despair follow.

Cheney is hot. Clooney isn't.

Hippies suck.

Cindy Sheehan needs a makeover.

I have too much time on my hands.

If you want to know more about me, here's a 'truth in advertising' personal ad:

I'm a cute, curvy 28 year old brunette (I'm 53, have green teeth, male pattern baldness, and weigh 400 pounds...well, 398 if you subtract the wig) I have a great personality (I never shut up), I'm quirky (I have a pathological fear of rubber bands and scream in my sleep), passionate (I throw things), and full of energy (they just lowered my lithium dose).

I'm an aspiring writer (please pay my rent) who's currently working on an exciting project (only 40 more pages until my 'manifesto' is done). When I'm not writing, I like to go antiquing (you wouldn't believe all the great stuff people leave at the dump), help to clean up polluted beaches (dead seagulls = good eating), and correspond with interesting people (I have 8 death row penpals).

I haven't met Mr. Right yet (too many restraining orders), but I'm looking for a guy who's kind (does what I say), smart (knows when to shut up) willing to commit (will hang around after the commitment hearing) and into trying new things (I have a whip collection).

If I sound like the girl for you, send a message to Mordacious at box 666. Can't wait to hear from you ;)