Since Jan 22, 2002

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I'm a software engineer, mostly dealing with the safety-critical embedded controls industry. I have written a software testing tool that automatically detects structural test requirements and creates low-level test cases to achieve the requisite coverage.

More importantly, I'm a father of three struggling to get through three separate kids' developmental phases at one time (with the help of my wonderful and lovely wife). I can honestly say that over twenty-four years of marriage (and counting) isn't nearly enough!!

I'm also a Gulf War vet - a butterbar-turned-Captain with no pretension to having known jack about the Army before being in it (thanks to my brother the sergeant).

Having a military background, I of course have no problem with gun control - I was well qualified with both the M16 rifle and .45 pistol. Not to mention the PATRIOT missile:-)

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Oh well - enough about me.