Since Dec 1, 1997

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I've said it before in the forum, and I'll say it once more here: This place has changed. There has been an influx of disruptors that started in 2004 (look for the “born on” dates).

These folks will do anything to create controversy. They are not half as smart as they think they are and they betray themselves with their language. One moment they are talking of patriotism and honesty, the next they are knocking our system. They are leftist caricatures of what a true conservative is and they are giving FR a bad name.

Update: The Class of 2009 is making a run for the worst!

What's with all of the anti-Catholic and anti-Mormon lunacy of late?

See you after the 2012 election...if FR is still here.

2016. I have learned one thing from Trump: Know when to walk away from a bad deal.

FR used to be the answer to DU. Now it is DU.